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Donate to the Jackie Beede Memorial Fund

Jackie was one of the most respected and beloved members of the Baldrige Community.  Her dedication, passion, and hard work inspired so many of us over the years.  She was a stellar, role-model volunteer.  Examiners and judges will speak of her contributions on many site visits and judges meetings into the foreseeable future. Through her service as an examiner, judge, and Baldrige consultant, Jackie had an indelible impact on the performance of hundreds of organizations and the lives of all those she touched. She will be missed by all who knew her.
-- Al Faber, President and CEO, Baldrige Foundation

I cannot fully express how much I and the entire the Baldrige Community will miss having Jackie Beede here with us. For more than twenty-three years she was a dedicated volunteer, talented consultant, and persistent advocate for the Baldrige Program. She served on the Baldrige Board of Examiners from 1995 to 2016, with a three-year stint on the Panel of Judges from 2011-2013. She has written case studies, facilitated examiner training, been on the team that evaluates the case study to create the “school scorebook”, edited feedback reports, and of course, has helped dozens of organizations along their path to performance excellence] But more than all of that, what we will miss most is her gift of friendship and compassion, her desire to serve, and, for me at least, her hearty laugh and ready smile. Jackie, you have been a blessing to many of us, and we will hold you in our hearts forever.
Bob Fangmeyer, Director, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Jackie Beede spent decades serving the nation by passionately promoting and enabling the adoption of the Baldrige criteria and participation in the Baldrige Award process. She served the Baldrige Program as a judge, examiner, case study author, and major contributor to the development of the criteria. Through it all she assisted many individuals and organizations to become better versions of themselves. She has asked that her support of Baldrige be her legacy

Jackie has requested, in lieu of flowers or other recognition in her memory, that her friends and colleagues donate to support the Baldrige Foundation and its mission to ensure the continuation of the Baldrige Program.

We also invite you to send any notes or thoughts you have about Jackie to be featured on our Jackie Beede Memorial Wall. You may use the form at this link to submit your comments.

You may donate by credit card using the form below.  If you prefer to donate by check made out to the Baldrige Foundation, send it to:

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