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Reach out to your members of Congress to let them know about the value of the Baldrige Program and the importance of re-establishing a federal appropriation to support its work.

Who is my Representative? Who is my Senator? If you do not know, you can find out here! 

Thanks for all your help with our effort to restore funding for the Baldrige Program in the Federal Budget. Success in this effort will be an important step in securing the future of the Baldrige Enterprise.

You may email, call or write your Senators and Representative. Personal stories always add weight.  Organizational CEOs get personal responses.  Calling or meeting with your member of Congress increases your chance of success exponentially.

Find Your Member of Congress

  • If you already know your Representative, you may find contact information in this by-name list. If not, you may find who it is by entering your zip code in the search form at the top right of the page.

  • Find your Senators by state in this interactive map of the United States.