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The Baldrige Foundation Awards for Leadership Excellence were authorized by the Baldrige Foundation Board of Directors in 2016. They recognize leaders in the following sectors: Business (Manufacturing, Service, Small Business), Non-profit, Government, Health Care, Education, and Cybersecurity. The award recognizes leaders who provide exceptionally outstanding support to Baldrige and the Foundation’s mission.

Recipients are awarded a sector-specific medal that is suspended on a color silk moiré ribbon that is two inches long and 13/8" wide. The medal also comes with a sash, lapel pin, and framed certificate.

The individual(s) selected should have made significant achievements worthy of this recognition. Consideration will be given to those individuals who have contributed outstanding service on a sustained basis, or a single achievement if of a magnitude worthy of this recognition. Personal dedication and self-sacrifice will also be regarded as factors deserving consideration.

The awards are presented each year at the Baldrige Quest for Excellence conference.