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Foundation Thanks All Our Supporters on National Philanthropy Day

Foundation Thanks All Our Supporters on National Philanthropy Day

President Ronald Reagan, in 1986, first declared November 15 to be National Philanthropy Day. What started as a recognition of the spirit of giving has become an international movement to thank and recognize all of those who contribute of their time or of their wallet for the benefit of others.

The Baldrige Foundation, a 501(c)3 established in 1988, is responsible for primary funding of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and through that effort, continuing to support the growth and expansion of the Baldrige Enterprise. Through that effort, the supporters of the Foundation have made a significant impact on the lives of people all over this country.

Thirty years of experience with Baldrige has generated substantial data to show that Baldrige-based manufacturers make fewer faulty products. Baldrige hospitals provide better care to more people and are saving lives. In Baldrige schools our students perform better, stay in school longer, and teachers are happier. Baldrige offers the ability to mend our broken communities and protect our critical cyber infrastructure. The evidence also shows that Baldrige organizations achieve these outcomes at lower cost.

The Foundation would like to take the opportunity of National Philanthropy Day to recognize by name just some of the organizations, corporations, and individuals who have made contributions, large and small, to help the Foundation change our world.

With gratitude, and in no particular order, please join us in recognizing:

• The American Hospital Association, Lead Healthcare Sponsor
• James Broadhead. former member of Foundation Board of Directors
• The Baldrige Family
• Cisco Security
• College of Health Information Management Executives
• Ford Motor Company
• Larry and Brenda Potterfield
• Rulon Stacey, Chair of the Baldrige Program Board of Overseers

Thanks to all who have contributed their time and treasure.


Al Faber
President and CEO
Baldrige Foundation