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SOAR Vision Group Releases Priority PuLSE Software Aiding Organizations with Timely COVID-19 Action Plan

Atlanta, GA (March 16, 2020) – The public health crisis related to COVID-19 has been complicated by the global anxiety surrounding the novelty and rapid spread of the virus. Community organizations (including public health entities, hospitals, schools, and other organizations) must respond to this crisis to carefully prepare, communicate, manage, and report COVID-19 related incidents in alignment with the CDC, WHO, and other government guidelines.

This has created a significant strain on these community organizations trying to manage public concern, assess COVID-19 threats, address supplier shortages, prevent transmission of disease, and stay aware of the most up-to-date recommendations.

“As soon as reports of COVID-19 started to spread across global borders, we immediately recognized the stress this could place on hospital systems already operating at capacity due to the common flu season. This special release of PuLSE enables organizations to quickly adapt their practices in alignment with CDC recommendations to prevent and manage COVID-19 spread,” comments Ben Sawyer, President & CEO of SOAR Vision Group.

PuLSE is an action-oriented, cloud-based resource that helps organizations implement best practice standards and operational procedures for COVID-19, as well as other strategic priorities and/or public health concerns. PuLSE enables organizational leaders and team members to quickly detect essential gaps, allocate appropriate resources to address those gaps, ensure accountability for necessary actions, and report results.

How are hospitals and communities responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?

“Most hospitals respond to these types of emergencies by assigning an executive leader or task force to manage the situation. The response to COVID-19 is evolving so rapidly that it is incredibly difficult to manage all the moving parts while keeping patients and team members safe. PuLSE enables leaders to quickly share time-sensitive priorities and orchestrate teams and actions in alignment with CDC standards,” shared Jennifer Strahan, COO of SOAR Vision Group.  

Although this special release of PuLSE encompasses a focus on COVID-19 specifically, its functionality can also facilitate broader implementation of organizational strategies. COVID-19 represents a considerable interruption that organizations must respond to, and PuLSE enables agility for a timely and actionable response. Moreover, PuLSE is industry and size-agnostic, making it applicable to hospitals, schools, government organizations, and large and small businesses.

“As a retired Colonel in the United States Army responsible for managing many disasters and the overarching strategy for over 11,500 employees and 65 facilities, a tool like PuLSE could have saved us significant time and resources, at a time when both of those are scarce,” says Al Faber, President & CEO of the Baldrige Foundation.

Dr. Roger Spoelman, a retired Trinity Health executive, confirms this and shares, “I have been asked by the Public Health Director in my county to lead a community preparedness group to coordinate and align efforts in managing the COVID-19 crisis situation. I shared the PuLSE strategic management tool created by SOAR Vision Group with the County Administrator and the Health Department teams. They are eager to install and deploy the tool throughout the community. We are certain that PuLSE will provide the real-time vital communication we need, as well as ensure the appropriate stewardship of scarce resources.”

Community organizations represent branches for the CDC to encourage proper public health and hygiene, proactively identify instances of possible or confirmed COVID-19 cases, and rapidly respond with appropriate treatment of symptoms and necessary quarantine.

PuLSE enables communities and organizations to be prepared to support the global mission of public health through timely and meaningful actions and communications, reducing public anxiety, and saving lives.

About SOAR Vision Group

SOAR Vision Group is a national technology and performance excellence firm that enables organizations to achieve exceptional results through deployment of its Strategy Execution System TM and technology products. SOAR is a strategic partner of the Baldrige Foundation.

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