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Baldrige Program Seeks Candidates for 2023 Executive Fellows Program

(NIST: Gaithersburg, MD) -- The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is seeking candidates for the 2023 Baldrige Executive Fellows Program, a one-year, nationally recognized leadership development experience designed to facilitate dialogue on all aspects of leadership and how it relates to a visionary focus, strategy, operational excellence, customer and employee engagement, resilience, and sustainability. The program is for C-suite-level executives or accomplished leaders who report to the most senior leader in their organizations.

During the yearlong program, Fellows develop relationships with and learn from Baldrige Award recipient senior executives and each other, and they complete capstone projects of strategic significance to their own organizations. They also learn the Baldrige Excellence Framework through the lens of leadership. The Fellows program has transformed how leaders use the Baldrige framework to innovate and strengthen their organization’s performance.

Within a safe and confidential environment, Fellows have a unique opportunity to compare the perspectives of executives across sectors, share honest advice on leadership challenges, and use the insights gained to address a strategic challenge or opportunity within their own organization. We encourage you to learn more about how the Baldrige Executive Fellows Program can help you take your organization to the next level, and view interviews with former Fellows discussing their personal experiences and capstone projects. 

“The best thing I’ve ever done professionally was to be a part of the Baldrige Executive Fellowship,” says William Daniel, vice president for health system affairs, chief quality officer, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Cindy Lewin, former general counsel at AARP, says, “The leadership lessons I learned from the Baldrige Award winners and from my colleagues in the program, together with the individual coaching, made all the difference as I built my new team and we developed our strategy. I know my Baldrige peers will be an amazing resource for many years to come.” 

Lastly, Brian Erling, senior vice president and chief clinical officer at Centura Health, says, “The Baldrige Executive Fellows Program is an excellent way to branch out of your industry to study how other businesses view and achieve excellence. The lessons learned provide a fresh perspective as you return home to focus on your own challenges and opportunities. I highly recommend the experience for anyone looking to differentiate within and beyond their core business.” 

Please feel free to share this announcement with executives, including executives of your stakeholder and supplier organizations, whom you feel could benefit from their own professional development in a peer-learning environment.

The application deadline is December 16, 2022; selection decisions will be made in January 2023.

For information on the key program dates and locations and how to apply to be a Fellow, see the Baldrige Executive Fellows Program.