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Latest Leader Dialogue Podcast with Duane Reynolds And KaiLonnie Dunsmore now available

Every health system leader has unprecedented executive management challenges facing their organization in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Sometimes people start feeling overwhelmed by our capitalistic health care system. As sad as it sounds, having access to health care is now more of a privilege than a right. In this episode, we have catalysts of change KaiLonnie Dunsmore and Duane Reynolds to talk about our health care system and why it is important to start changing it. Duane and KaiLonnie share the vision we should have for the health industry: transforming health care into a human-centered system! It is high time to stop tolerating the special treatment of the higher class, the shutdowns of hospitals serving the underserved market, and the capitalistic priorities of the system. It is the time for change. Join us in this revolutionary conversation!

Follow this link to read the related blog post and to listen to a recording of the podcast.