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SANPEC, Inc. is Mac Baldrige Society’s newest member

First electric power transmission and distribution sector business becomes Lifetime Trustee of the Baldrige Foundation’s Institute for Performance Excellence


WASHINGTON, D.C. – 29 March 2023: SANPEC, located in Tomball, Texas, specializes in design, engineering, testing, inspection, risk management, sustainability, and quality management for critical electric power, lighting, and renewable energy infrastructures, and became the eleventh and newest member of the Mac Baldrige Society, the Trustees of the Baldrige Foundation’s Institute for Performance Excellence.

“The Foundation established the Institute for Performance Excellence in June 2020,” said Al Faber, President and CEO of the Baldrige Foundation, “to be a thought leader on performance excellence, leadership, and management. “The Mac Baldrige Society is limited to 20 elite members,” continued Faber, “as Trustees of the Institute they demonstrate their commitment and support for the Foundation's mission: to promote organizational performance excellence in the United States and throughout the world by supporting the Baldrige Program.”

2023 Baldrige Award for Leadership Excellence winner Sangita Mallik, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SANPEC, said, “We are thrilled to become a founding member of the Mac Baldrige Society® and a Trustee of the Baldrige Institute for Performance Excellence. SANPEC will play a central role in guiding the decarbonization, innovation, and resiliency efforts, developing the right skillsets and mindsets, and building a future-ready workforce for the power and infrastructure industry.”

“SANPEC,” continued Faber, “is the first electric power transmission and distribution sector business to commit to support Foundation’s ongoing mission. “As a small business,” continued Faber, “the successes SANPEC enjoys due to its commitment to Baldrige is a great lesson for the rest of the economy. A 2012 report from the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy found that small businesses produced 46 percent of private, nonfarm GDP. From 1992 through 2013, small businesses generated 63.3 percent of net new jobs in the United States, and by 2015, small businesses employed almost 59 million people or 47.5 percent of the private workforce.”

As Ms. Mallik related, “The performance excellence journey, the quality-focused mindset, and the systematic, practical, and integrated approach helped us transform the engineering practices, manage the strategic change, time, talents, and resources, to sustain an agile, just, flat, value-creating organization while staying anchored on our core values.”

“The most significant advantage is that our connection to God was strong, always! We had better visibility and direction for balancing the “doing and being” and sustaining qualitative and quantitative results. We had more time to share knowledge and lessons learned with educational institutions and community members locally and globally. In addition, we impacted the lives of thousands of students and the workforce through mentoring, teaching, and philanthropic activities.”

“We have followed the Baldrige principles for nearly three decades, with great benefits. From aligning resources with strategic change and improvement initiatives to sharing knowledge and mentoring stakeholders toward the shared goal, we have evolved our consciousness and enjoyed our quality improvement journey over three decades,” said Mallik. “And as a Mac Baldrige Society Trustee our team will share decades of expertise, experience, and lessons learned to develop a 21st century workforce and build a Baldrige-aligned and integrated business ecosystem to handle systemic challenges effectively.”

“We further look forward,” continued Mallik, “to working with the Baldrige Foundation to develop National Leadership Innovation Councils that will first aid the development of a center of excellence focused on the energy sector, but which may be adapted to provide centers of excellence for organizations in all sectors of the economy.”

“The Institute Trustees,” said Faber, “are making a commitment to preserve and promote the Baldrige Framework and to help ensure that Baldrige remains relevant for future generations of organizations across all sectors of the economy.  We are grateful for their support.”

“Our commitment to the Baldrige Institute,” concluded Mallik, “is based on a belief that Baldrige is perhaps our most important tool for transitioning our economy into a safe, prosperous, healthy, and sustainable future. We whole-heartedly encourage other leading organizations to join us as Trustees of the Institute for Performance Excellence, and later in the National Leadership Innovation Councils, to make that future a reality.”

About SANPEC, Inc.

SANPEC is a purpose-led, value-aligned, and innovation-driven company specializing in design, engineering, testing, inspection, risk management, sustainability, and quality management for critical electric power, lighting, and renewable energy infrastructures. At SANPEC, we aim to dynamically balance grid reliability, resiliency, and directional alignment while innovating for sustainable development goals.

From ensuring financial viability, building greater customer loyalty, and improving the quality of products, health, and safety goals, our team has evolved to manage dynamic change and effectively communicate feedback. The SANPEC team has extensive worldwide experience managing complex transmission and distribution projects successfully. The integrated performance excellence model helps position our business to adapt to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity challenges effectively and drive improvements throughout the value chain.

With an unshakeable resolve to make the world a better place for future generations, we solve complex infrastructure challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, unparalleled engineering excellence, valuable lesson-learned feedback, extensive fabrication knowledge, cutting-edge research, and sustainability management practices. At SANPEC, we continuously assess holistic risks, build resilience and value-creating capacity, and prioritize key strengths and opportunities for improvement. Drawing strength from our distinctive roots in education and STEM research, we are deeply committed and passionate about improving workforce development goals and connecting real-world knowledge and opportunities to maximize the greater good.    

For more information on SANPEC products and services. please visit: