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LeaderDialogue Podcast Available - Creating And Managing A High-Performance, Clinically-Integrated Care Network

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At the end of the day, health care is all about bringing systems together to provide the best care possible for patients. However, coordinating this is not without its challenges. Often, it takes great leadership to pull off a high-performance care network. In this episode, we have a guest who has figured this out. Mary Pat Olson has more than 30 years of experience in health care across Nursing, Care Management, and Health care Associations. She is currently working at Loyola University Health System. With her expertise, she shares with us how we can create and manage high-performance and clinically-integrated networks built around the patient. Mary also discusses how they navigated through the challenges brought on by COVID and the issues of staffing in the industry. Full of wisdom and insights, this conversation will enlighten you on how to really support your patients. Tune in and learn more on providing access to the right care in the right place.

Listen to the podcast and find a transcript of the conversation here.