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LeaderDialogue Podcast Available - Optimizing Care Orchestration: Overcoming Challenges On Access, Throughput, and Capacity

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Every health system leader has unprecedented executive management challenges facing their organization in the wake of the pandemic. Caring for about 800,000 lives in their region, Northern Arizona Healthcare is no stranger to challenges concerning patient flow and care orchestration. In this episode, Dr. Chuck Peck and Ben Sawyer are joined by not just one but two guests from Northern Arizona Healthcare. They sit down with Dr. Derek Feuquay and Jake Lansburg to discuss their care orchestration as a whole and how they overcome issues on access, throughput, and capacity. They take us deep into their process design and transformation to facilitate better patient movement as well as giving patients access to better care. From creating cultural change to accelerating the transfer process, having a phenomenal care coordination team, and turning data into information and insights, Dr. Derek and Jake cover a range of important topics to help you navigate these pressing health care challenges. Tune in and learn to better optimize care orchestration!

Listen to the podcast and find a transcript of the conversation here.