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Top Organizations Honored with 2023 Awards for Excellence

COLUMBUS, OH – The Partnership for Excellence (TPE) announced the names of four high-performing organizations as recipients of the 2023 Awards for Excellence. The awards represent Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Illinois's highest honor for performance excellence through innovation, results, and visionary leadership using the Baldrige Excellence Framework®. 

The 2023 Award Recipients - listed by award - are:  

  • Kettering Health Information Systems, Miamisburg, OH (Gold, Achievement of Excellence) 
  • Lilly Value and Access (a division of Lilly USA, LLC), Indianapolis, IN (Gold, Achievement of Excellence) 
  • Community Health Network, Indianapolis, IN (Silver, Commitment to Excellence) 
  • Pain Management Group, Findlay, OH (Silver, Commitment to Excellence)  

The mission of TPE is to cultivate organizational performance excellence and continuous improvement in organizations from all industry sectors. By providing a framework for performance excellence through the Baldrige Excellence Framework®, organizations have a greater focus on customers, process management, innovation, work systems, and organization-wide results. These organizations typically see lower costs, improved productivity, and increases in both employee and customer satisfaction leading to growth in market share. TPE’s primary product is a comprehensive assessment that helps organizational leaders better understand and prioritize key strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

All applicants were rigorously evaluated by an independent board of examiners in seven areas defined by the Baldrige Excellence Framework®: leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis, and knowledge management; workforce; operations; and results. The evaluation process for each of the recipients included more than 1,000 hours of review and a site visit by a team of examiners to clarify questions and verify information in the application. Site visits were conducted virtually, via a hybrid approach of in-person and virtual, or in person. An independent panel of judges reviewed each organization’s evaluation, approved the final feedback reports, and developed award recommendations, which were ratified by the TPE Board of Trustees.

TPE judges may also recognize organizations with a Category Lead Performer Award. These organizations exhibit role model performance in one of the Baldrige Criteria process categories and demonstrate cycles of learning and significant improvement in the category. In 2023, TPE recognizes Lilly Value and Access (LVA) as a lead performer in Category 2 – Strategy. LVA has a systematic strategic planning process that is aligned across all departments. The five-step process incorporates long-term and short-term horizons and has been through several cycles of learning and improvement. LVA's key strategic initiatives and related goals are represented on its scorecard and action plans for implementation are deployed to relevant departmental staff, partners, and collaborators. 

The Partnership for Excellence’s 2023 award recipients will be honored at an awards banquet during TPE's annual Quest for Success conference, which will be held September 11-12, 2023 at The Ohio State University. During the conference, past Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) recipients will serve as plenary speakers and present information on their performance excellence journeys. TPE's award recipients and past Baldrige recipients will also share best practices in breakout sessions and informal discussions with conference attendees.   

For additional information contact:  Margot Hoffman, President & CEO, The Partnership for Excellence, phone: (614) 425-7157. The Partnership for Excellence is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, charitable organization. Additional information is available on the TPE website at:  The Partnership for Excellence