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BPEP Introduces New Baldrige-based Organizational Excellence Primer

New Resource Available: The Foundations for a Successful Business

To be successful as a new business, a growing business, or a well-established business exploring major changes, what do you most need to consider? The 2023-2024 Baldrige Excellence Framework® and 2023-2024 Baldrige Excellence Builder® offer robust, comprehensive considerations that span every element of a systems-based organization, but, to go back to the basics, what are the building blocks for success?

The Baldrige Program has just made available a new tool called the Foundations for a Successful Business, based on the Baldrige framework, that introduces the basic elements for sustaining, growing, and managing an organization. Foundations for a Successful Business describes critical success factors in seven fundamental areas that apply to any corporation, nonprofit, government, or academic institution. (These areas are greatly simplified from what can be found in the Baldrige framework.) The Foundations document provides a “golden thread” that ties the areas into a coordinated system. 

The new resources include the Foundations for a Successful Business PDF outlining each of the seven fundamental areas; webpages that highlight each area; and interactive, online modules that allow organizations to take their “turns” at customizing each area and what is next for them.

Does your organization have in place the basic building blocks for a successful business?