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Community Leaders Honored with Prestigious 2024 Baldrige Foundation Leadership Awards

The Baldrige Foundation, renowned for recognizing exemplary leadership across various sectors, has announced its 2024 Leadership Award recipients, with two community leaders from Excelsior Springs among the honored. Kim Halfhill and Molly McGovern were selected for their exceptional contributions to community leadership, marking a significant milestone as the Foundation includes Community leaders for the first time in its awards.

Al Faber, President and CEO of the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Inc., underscored the importance of these awards in acknowledging leaders who demonstrate the Baldrige leadership and management values and significantly contribute to their communities and the wider Baldrige community.

Kim Halfhill, the Founder of KH Consulting and an Associate and Faculty Member at Communities of Excellence 2026, has been instrumental in fostering community development and excellence. Her innovative approaches and dedication to community improvement through the development of the Citizens Leadership Academy have positioned her as a top figure in community leadership.

Molly McGovern, the City Manager of Excelsior Springs, has also been recognized for her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the city’s growth and development. Her efforts in securing grant funding and project management have played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Excelsior Springs, showcasing the impact of effective governance at the community level.

The Balrige awards span various sectors, including business, health care, education, nonprofit, cybersecurity, government, and now community, exemplifying the Foundation’s commitment to promoting excellence and quality leadership across all areas of society. Including Community leaders like Halfhill and McGovern in the 2024 Balrige Foundation’s Leadership Awards highlights their achievements and shines a spotlight on Excelsior Springs as a community committed to excellence and innovation in leadership.

McGovern and Halfhill will head to Washington, D.C., this Spring to accept the awards and represent Excelsior Springs on the national stage.