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Baldrige Institute for Performance Excellence COVID-19 Response Webinar

This webinar from the Foundation's Institute for Performance Excellence contains valuable resources and practical advice from a panel of experts managing and supporting the COVID-19 response. Join executives from CHIME, Guidehouse, Muskegon County, University of Colorado, and SOAR Vision Group for an interactive dialogue targeted toward hospital C-suites. Learn how recommended guidelines (e.g., from CDC and FEMA) can be effectively integrated into response plans with a tool like PuLSE and swiftly implemented into operational practice. Explore how hospitals can effectively partner with local and county officials for a more comprehensive response to COVID-19 with a current case study from Muskegon County. The webinar will be moderated by Al Faber, President and CEO of the Baldrige Foundation and Ben Sawyer, CEO, SOAR Vision Group.

Download the full set of slides here.