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Foundation Webinar for June 24, 2021

AARP is on a journey to continually strengthen, exercise, and balance the relationship between Innovation, Strategy, and Risk in order to succeed in a rapidly evolving world. We have grown our Innovation capacity throughout the organization, we have developed a Futurecasting capability as critical part of strategy development and execution, and the Risk function works in close collaboration with Strategy to monitor emergent external risks and evolve our risk profile to account for them. Our next step on the journey is to focus on Intelligent Risk by leveraging and integrating these functions even more fully, focusing on associated processes for enabling it in a business (e.g. the role of Futurecasting processes as a way to identify opportunity (not just mitigate negative risk)). The challenge is to get the balance right between acceleration and caution, with an ever-increasing organizational awareness that over-cautiousness in today’s world actually increases risk of failure.

In addition, we have organizational updates from Baldrige Foundation President and CEO Al Faber, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Director Bob Fangmeyer, Alliance for Performance Excellence Chair Brian Lassiter, and Communities of Excellence 2026 Executive Director Stephanie Norling.. 

Download the full set of slides here.